Expansion of the accreditation of the Testing Center

Expansion of the accreditation of the Testing Center

The Testing Center has passed the procedure for expanding the accreditation in the national accreditation system.

The scope of accreditation of VNISI includes original international standards IEC and CIE, which makes it possible to conduct tests and draw up protocols for bringing products to European and other promising markets.

Now the Testing Center of VNISI can carry out measurements and tests of a wide range of lighting devices and electrical accessories in accordance with the current requirements of Customs Union Technical Regulations on safety of low-voltage equipment (CU TR 004/2011).

Expanding the scope of accreditation are 92 complete standards. Among them are 25 foreign (IEC and CIE) and 6 unique technologies. The extension allows closing the full list of the most popular certification tests of lighting products and electrical installations.

Among them, it is worth to highlight, the testing of lighting products in accordance with the mandatory requirements of the standards GOST IEC 62471 (IEC 62471) "Lamps and lamp systems. Photobiological safety" and GOST IEC 62493 (IEC 62493) "Assessment of lighting equipment related to human exposure to electromagnetic field". New opportunities have appeared for the tests carried out by the mobile laboratory of the Testing Center in terms of road and greenhouse lighting.

A complete list of standards and methods in the current field of VNISI accreditation (unique number of the accreditation record in the register of accredited persons ROSS RU.0001.21ML65) is posted in register of accredited persons.

All detailed information regarding testing in the extended accreditation and VNISI's pricing policy in this direction will be posted on the VNISI website.

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