CIE Midterm Meeting online

CIE Midterm Meeting online
From 27 to 29 September, the CIE Midterm Online Session organized by the Malaysian CIE National Committee (MyCIE) was successfully held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This three-day conference brought together the CIE community and stakeholders to advance the science of light and illumination as well as the technical and organizational work of the CIE.

The commission is recognized worldwide as the best authority on all aspects of light and lighting. The CIE is recognized by the International Commission for Weights and Measures (CIPM), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as an International Standards Body.

The general theme of the CIE 2021 conference is "Light for Life - Living with Light".

All oral presentations and master classes were broadcast online, where you could ask all your questions to the speakers and chat with other participants. For those who could not attend the online speeches, recordings of all reports are available. The poster session also aroused great interest, with each speaker having their own virtual exhibition booth where the presentation could be viewed throughout the conference.

Eight presentations were presented by CIE NC RU in oral and poster sessions. VNISI specialists and members of the CIE NC RU, in particular, presented the following reports:

  • Optimization of a mobile method for measuring road lighting characteristics (luminance and illumination);
  • Illuminance distribution measurement of museum exhibits using imaging liminance meters;
  • The new uniform color space development is based on the statistical theory of the human threshold color vision;
  • Development of a method for measuring PPFD distrubition over the technological area of ​​a greehouse by a mobile installation;
  • Study of methods for measuring the optical characteristic of low-pressure mercury lamps;
  • Development of new standards for meseum lighting.

Among the most interesting presentations I would like to mention the performance in the road lighting session: Valerie Muzet, Celine Villa, Laure Lebouc and Florian Greffier; as well as all the invited speakers of the conference - Julian Warren (Australia), Anika Egierbrand (Sweden), Edward Nardwell (USA), Yvonne de Kort (Netherlands).

More than 200 people from 37 countries took part in the CIE Conference 2021. While we were unable to attend in person, the social events provided an opportunity to gather in a less formal setting, starting with an event organized and hosted by Tony Bergen, Peter Thorns and Vinetha Calavalli. and a start-up event (hosted by Peter Blattner, CIE President, and Jennifer Veitch, CIE Vice PresidentTechnical). It was also fantastic to get to know Malaysia and the city of Kuala Lumpur (KL) thanks to an online cooking demonstration hosted by Sarah Khong and a 360 degree KL guided tour by Jane Rai - who would have thought that Kuala Lumpur means "muddy water".

For the first time at CIE conferences prizes were awarded for the best oral presentation, the best student oral presentation and the best poster presentation. The winners of the CIE 2021 award are:

  • Best oral presentation - Valérie Muzet, CEREMA, FR (France) "Is it possible to achieve high-quality lighting without taking into account the photometry of sidewalks?"
  • Best Student Oral Presentation - Steffen Hartmeyer, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, (Switzerland) "Towards a Foundation for Light Dosimetry Research: Methodological Considerations"
  • Best poster presentation - Jim Uttley, University of Sheffield, GB (UK) "The impact of changing light levels on the number of cyclists"
  • These papers, like all conference papers, will be available for download in the ICE store, including open access papers that can be downloaded free of charge in secure pdfs format.

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