9th Lux Pacifica Сonference to be postponed

9th Lux Pacifica Сonference to be postponed

Due to the continuing risk of COVID-19 and limited international communication, our conference is not possible until the total stabilization all over the world. As the result of continuous consultations among Board of Lux Pacifica, conference is postponed indefinitely. 

On August 3, Chairman of Lux Pacifica professor Motoharu Takao addressed the conference participants with the letter regarding the postponement of the conference. New conference dates will be announced at least one year in advance. It is assumed that the conference will take place no earlier than 2022.

In addition, the Board considered necessity to make a refund to the delegates who paid registration fees. After the announcement of new dates for the conference, registration of participants and collection of contributions will be made anew.

To refund the conference fees please write your inquiry to Julia Glorio and we will settle all finance questions.

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