Free access to publications on lighting technology

Free access to publications on lighting technology
In connection with the situation surrounding the spread of the new coronavirus CoVID-19 and in order to consolidate lighting technicians from around the world in the fight against this threat, CIEand IES have opened free access to a number of their publications.

Today you can completely free download and study the electronic versions of the MCO Technical Reports on UV-irradiation:
CIE 187: 2010 UV-C Photocarcinogenesis Risks from Germicidal Lamps
CIE 155: 2003 Ultraviolet Air Disinfection

In addition, the North American Lighting Society (IES) provides everyone with a free subscription to the electronic versions of the April and May issues of Lighting Design & Application (LD + A).

Other news

The Conference Light in Museum must go on!
Thu, 27 August 2020
The Conference "Light in Museum" will be held in the St.-Petersburg after the lifting of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic
9th Lux Pacifica onference to be postponed
Thu, 06 August 2020
Due to the continuing risk of COVID-19 and limited international communication LUX PACIFICA Conference is postponed indefinitely