CIE/ICNIRP Online Tutorial on the Measurement of Optical Radiation and its Effects on Photobiological Systems

This is an online tutorial featuringpresentations by renowned experts from around the world in the field of photometry, radiometry and photobiological safety hazards and effects. The tutorial contents includes over 10 hours of content spread over 23lectures, each pre-recorded and individually viewable online.

The format of thetutorial is:

  • Pre-recorded tutorial presentations - Availablefor viewing from August 14, 2020

  • Live online Q&A sessionson each of August 25 and 26, starting at12:00 and 17:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST), making these accessible across all time-zones.

  • Questions to the Q&Asessions can be submitted in advance.

Why should you attend?Learn the latest on fundamentals of measurement with different types of equipment; photobiological safety principles, action spectra and exposure limits; development of standards and much more!

Who should attend?Researchers, metrologists, equipment manufacturers, lighting manufacturers, students, public health specialists, consultants and anyone else interested in these topics.

Tutorial programme - here, information about registration fees - here.

Registration and more information on the event's web

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